Biyernes, Enero 25, 2013

CT Tag - Free Like a Bird

Supplies Needed :

Scrap Kit called " Free Like a Bird" by Stef's Scrap Kits and Tubes

You can purchase this kit HERE

 Tube of your choice, I used FD34 Creations Tube

Let's Begin

Open 600x600 transparent 
Load the kits
Paste the Paper of your choice, resize it at least 75%
Slant it for better effect.
Apply drop shadows
Resize the frame, slant it then get the tube put it on top of the frame
Get the flowers and resize it, apply drop shadows
Paste the small flowers on the head of the girl
Put the ribbon,flowers,birds on the cafe. 
Open cloud layer, put another paper on top 
then go to effects and blend the picture using multiply and screen
Adjust the opacity, until the papers and elements blend together.

Add copyright information
Save your work as png


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